Monday, March 24, 2008

Ric Flair Presented Key to Columbia South Carolina

Photo: Erik Campos/

With tears in his eyes, Nature Boy Ric Flair accepted the key to the City of Columbia, South Carolina, noting "Of all the things I've supposedly done in my career...I'm most proud of moments like this."
has a great photo gallery of the presentation here.

Personally, I would rank his accomplishments in this order:

1. Causing a Pavlovian "Wooooo" response to the knife edge chop.
2. Having balls enough to call Paul "Romeo" Roma a Four Horseman.
3. Professional wrestling world record holder for nut-shots given in a career.
4. Invention of the "Flair Flop."
5. Invention of the "Flip over the turnbuckle, run down the mat to be clotheslined."
6. Most damage done to own wardrobe by elbow dropping his own jacket for no apparent reason.
7. This saying:

8. Receiving the key to the City of Columbia, South Carolina.



Ric Flair is "the man"; period.

john said...

Ric flair is the man of wrestling and
he won lots of wrestling championship.
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