Thursday, March 27, 2008

Rusty Reckons: Martinsville

Freshly back from a visit with the Easter Bunny, Rusty's read to give y'all his low down on this week's race at Martinsville.

Known at the "paper clip", Martinsville is a low banked short track, with small tight corners and long straightaways (relatively speaking). It looks like a paper clip, and requires a lot of brakes. At Martinsville, teams use the biggest brakes they have and do everything they can to keep'em cool. There's a lot of beating and banging, and it makes for great racing. It's a driver's track, but without good equipment, you could end up having a very bad day.

This week's picks are a little "kooky", but I think they could hold a winner.

A List
- Jeff Burton (31)
B List
- Dale Earnhardt Jr (88)
C List
- Aric Almirola (8)

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