Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Screw You, NBC

I hope other Loser fans were as astonished as I when at 9:59, the show ended without the revelation as to which contestant, Brittany or Maggie, were getting the send-off.

Listen-up, NBC, you are assuming viewers will stand for far more than what we are willing to actually accept.

My colleague C.R. Dunbar is sick of the same stupid music and the rewind after commerical breaks. I myself have put up with these 2 hour shows for 1.5 seasons now, and I am getting sick of it. You're lucky that I am underwhelmed by this seasons' Idol contestants or else I'd have jumped ship weeks ago.

Last night's "cliffhanger" was more than I could bear. With real TV on the verge of a comeback I am going to find it hard to set aside all 120 minutes to the Biggest Loser. Especially when you use 1 whole hour (well, 40 min if you count the 20 minutes spent watching the rewind after a commerical break) weighing in past contestants to see who lost the most weight at home, and could rejoin the show.

The only thing you have going for you is that Jillian is a loose-cannon and can start cursing at a moments notice.

You better get your sh*t together, or else.

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