Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Show off Your Love for the Saux with a Hatchback

Nothing says yuppie New Englander like a Volvo hatchback.

Nothing says toolbox like driving a car plastered with decals and logos.

Unfortunately for Dice-K said logos are not Japanese symbols.

Volvo is partnering with the Boston Red Sox and "is building a limited run of its new C30 hatchback to commemorate the team’s championship season in 2007," offering 107 (Boston's '07 win total) of the C30s.

Each will have a plaque telling owners which of the 107 wins the car is commemorating. They’re finished in Passion Red paint with team logos on the fenders and rear glass hatch, as well as on the floormats. There’s also matte-silver finish on the mirrors and grille, plus a hefty array of features, including an alarm, fog lights, heated front seats, sport shifter and pedals, and a beefed-up audio system.
All the special editions come with a five-speed automatic and 227-hp, turbocharged five-cylinder engine and will cost $29,465, not including a $745 destination charge. That’s compared to the C30 2.0’s MSRP of $25,700. Of course, the special editions will only be sold at select New England Volvo dealers.
If you would enjoy this, but aren't lucky enough to score one of the 107, perhaps we could interest you in one of these.

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