Monday, March 10, 2008

Suddenly Suze is in Tampa

Greetings from Tampa, Florida! Wasn’t that the name of one of ‘the Boss’s’ albums? And I don’t mean Mr. Steinbrenner; I mean the Boss of New Jersey, Bruce Hornsby and the E Street Band.

Sorry I haven’t had a chance to blog much. I’ve been on assignment, covering the Yankees spring training games here at Legends Field.

I want to spend this week talking about family. The Yahoo! Kids dictionary defines family as “two or more people who share goals and values, have long-term commitments to one another, and reside usually in the same dwelling place.”

It's always exciting when there are changes to a family. It seems like for every member that leaves, a new one enters, completing the circle of family life I like to refer to as 'the circle of family life.' I remember when my sister had her first child and I found out from her neighbor. I called to congratulate her and ask when she got married. Oh, those are the times we cherish the most, when family members take your phone calls.

There I go talking out of context again.

The reason I bring up family is because of the recent goings-on between the Yankees, the Rays, and the collision at home plate that took out Jorge Posada's shoulder. They may not carry the name devil anymore but they are sure acting as if they come from H E double hockey sticks (I gave up swearing for Lent). I understand the Rays take spring training seriously because it’s the only time they have a chance to be in first place but for gee darns sake if people keep playing like this, someone is going to get seriously injured. And when I say someone I mean any Yankee player.

What hurts the most are the comments made by Don Zimmer towards Joe Girardi. And after all the Yankee organization has done for Zimmer. Letting him be a part of all those World Championships under Joe Torre. He could have gone into the books as the losing coach of the Red Sox and Cubs but Mr. Steinbrenner saw it in his heart to help the guy out after so many balls to the head. (Hehe. That sounds dirty.)

As we discuss family, this brings us to another important feature of a family unit; Forgiveness. And with that, I want to welcome a new addition to the Yankee broadcast family. Welcome David Cone! The Steinbrenner’s have forgiven David for un-retiring in 2002 to pitch for the Mets. They forgave him for joining the Red Sox in 2004 just like those women forgave David for pounding his ‘little conehead’ in the bullpen. That is all speculation; I really don't know the size of David's little battery mate.

So, as we wrap up spring training, and set our sites on the 2008 season, let’s try and keep the theme of family in our minds.

I am off to the beach. I want to keep up this nice golden bronze to piss off the girls at Majong night.



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