Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Uhhhh, What?

In any language it's a win. I'll leave the topic of the undefeated Red Sox alone for now, and instead note that I finally understand why Jerry Remy is so exhausted. I tried to read the local coverage of the Sox game and almost lapsed into a seizure-induced coma.

With romantic (and even germanic) languages, you can usually get a sense of what the words mean or are trying to express. But this has got me thoroughly confused. I see "MLB" in clear letters - fine, good enough. Now we also have characters where one looks like a chair, and another that looks sort of like a ladder. Ooh a few lines down is a window-shaped one, and then something resembling a smiley face. The only conclusion can be

HHR Exclusive! Must Credit Hugging Harold Reynolds!

Red Sox Rob Japanese Wal-Mart

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