Thursday, March 13, 2008

WA Legislature Rejects Key Arena Funding Plea

PI: Olympia rejects help for arena

Despite four private owners offer to fund half of the "$300 million upgrade to the Seattle Center arena in an attempt to keep NBA basketball in the area," and Seattle Mayor Nickels offering to pony up half of the remaining $150 million in hopes that the state would match the city funding, Washington legislators are urging Seattle to fund itself for an additional year and come back later to the state for help.

All seem to be hoping for an immediate short term fix to allow time to solve the long-term funding issues.
The business group has set an April 10 deadline for a solution before its own $150 million offer expires, with the goal of getting a tangible arena solution in place before NBA owners are asked to vote on Sonics owner Clay Bennett's request to relocate the team to Oklahoma City at the NBA Board of Governors meeting on April 17-18.

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