Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Washington's Top Duffers

Golf Digest listed the Top 200 golfers on the hill in their April issue.

"This mix of senators, representatives, appointed officials, lobbyists and other power brokers represents a Washington golf scene still vibrant despite post-Abramoff limits on golf as entertainment."

Number one was T-Mobil Lobbyist Tony Russo.

Here are the top ten-ranked Members of Congress.

1. John Yarmuth D-IN
2. Joe Baca D-CA
3. Mark Udall D-CO
4. Mike Ferguson R-NJ
5. Zach Wamp R-TN
6. Bob Corker R-TN
7. Steve Buyer R-IN
8. John Boehner R-OH
9. John Ensign R-NV
10. Mike Simpson R-ID

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