Monday, March 24, 2008

Yankees to rename Legends field, making it world's largest headstone

I tried to avoid the story but it's happening whether I pay attention to it or not.
Legends Field will be renamed George M. Steinbrenner Field during ceremonies before the New York Yankees’ exhibition game against Pittsburgh on Thursday. 
Don't they usually wait until a person passes away before they start naming things after them?

This is the most depressing news.
The Steinbrenner family will unveil a new scoreboard sign in left field. Joan Steinbrenner, wife of the 77-year-old owner, is to throw out the ceremonial first pitch.
I figured the Boss had officially lost his marbles. I hoped maybe it was all a ruse. I wished he had actually gone underground like Hitler, only to emerge from the bunker for a four game Boston series, waving from the owner's box in a fresh white turtleneck and Dick Cavett blazer.

Let's say he is still breathing for the opening of the new stadium in 2009. He has to show up. The old man fought for that stadium for over 20 years. It's getting built thanks to him.

They are actually renaming the wrong stadium.

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