Friday, April 11, 2008

Blue Grass Stakes: Who Wants It

In high school, our inspiring cheerleaders, that may or may not have included Lady Dunbar, had a cheer that went, “You got to want it to win it, and we want it more.” It was catchy as it continues to guide my life in everything I do. I will dominate you.

Any who, this weekend’s foreign automobile Blue Grass Stakes incorporates those that want it to move on to the grand enchilada and those who are in it for the practice. This makes it difficult to handicap.

Pyro, who readers know I have watched with utmost interest, is merely in it to prep for the derby in three weeks. The same could be said for Cool Coal Man who just needs a good showing to get the earnings to qualify.

(This pyro keeps me up at night)

The pipe dream crew includes Kentucky Bear, Stevil, Stone Bird, Medjool and Miner’s Claim who are grasping for a break to break the bank for chance at the big show.

That leaves a series of horses that have a shot to bring home the bacon if they get a nice trip. Unfortunately, Visionare and Halo Najib are starting from the 12 and 11 post, and Monba is too shaky for my money.

The two horses that I have my good eye on are Big Truck and Cowboy Cal. Big Truck is progressing and has the 6 post. He could stalk a position and hit the burners to pull this out. Cowboy Cal comes off the turf to try polytrack. I’m hesitant, but he has early speed, which this group lacks and fires consistently in the 90s for speed figures. He could be a good pick with long odds.

If I am able to get to the track tomorrow, I’m betting exactas with a mixture of Cool Coal Man, Pyro, Big Truck and Cowboy Cal.

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