Friday, April 18, 2008

Does JD Drew Have a Deal For You!

The Boston Herald's Inside Track brings us news of JD Drew hocking snake oil to supplement his $15 mil contract.
Apparently $15 million just doesn’t go as far as it used to! Because Red Sox outfielder - and resident holistic health nut - J.D. Drew is moonlighting peddling $40 bottles of a fruit-based nutritional substance called Mona Vie.
2 things strike me as humorous in the article.

First is Drew, who's spent the better part of his career on the DL, being described as a "health nut." Obviously, his regimen and diet have failed him miserably, and perhaps he should alter his holistic thinking.

Second, I smell a George Foster-esq scam here. As so eloquently described in Jeff Pearlman's The Bad Guys Won:

"...George Foster, who had a weakness for get rich quick schemes. A year earlier Foster managed to enrage half the league by selling knockoff Polo golf shirts for $25 dollars in Shea Stadium's visiting clubhouse." The shirts would later shrknk to "the size of a wallet"

Needless to say, Foster was also the "brains" behind "Get Metsmerized."

Back to Drew.

Quoting his MySpace page, he sounds to me more like something caught in my spam folder, than a "savvy business man":

"I am looking for hungry business people and network marketers to join my team directly. I would be your sponsor, and plug you into a system of success. There is a huge opportunity here, and I am looking forward to helping you change your life from a health and wealth standpoint."

Or for that matter, Fat Willard's Blogger profile.

At least he gives himself an out should the product fizzle. Blame Bobby Keilty.

“Bobby Kielty introduced me to a product called Mona Vie. I have been taking it now for a while . . . I have never been more excited.”

Go on all you investors out there. Loosen up those purse strings. Let me know how it works out for you.


Update: Red Sox Monster informed us that Drew and Kielty aren't the only medicine men in Bean Town: Cinco Ocho's shilling... exotic berry juice? What the...??


Ariel said...

I smell an AMWAY scam cooking....

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