Friday, April 4, 2008

HHR's Quality of Sports Index

Each Week, HHR rounds up the latest news and adjusts for inflation. It's like Power Rankings made sweet love to Harper's Index and Harper's pulled the goalie.

A commenter (Bosco) takes a shot at the website. The fact that it's Dunbar's first comment ever? PLUS 1

Boston Pillow fight deemed unesexiest ever (Darth Vadar doesn't have jugs) MINUS 2

Barack Obama can't bowl. But neither can Greg Oden. EVEN

The Dugout is back, bitches. Time to SmokeSomeGagne ('Ow, My Career'). PLUS 5

The Hills returns to TV. Spencer's sister and LC strike up a friendship. What a plot-driven coincidence! PLUS 10

Ric Flair video backstage. He looks like he hasn't aged at all. PLUS 1

Pats owner Bob Kraft sincerely apologizes to his fellow owners about Spygate. Belichick does too, and talks to the media about it. Other owners appear satisfied. Defensemen get radio hookups to avoid relying on hand signals. Finally it's all over. Plus.... Wait, Goodell wants what? Fuck. MINUS 20

Chris Henry cut from the Bengals, and back in prison for assaulting an 18 year-old kid. At least this time it wasn't sexual assualt. You're getting there, Chris. PLUS 2

"Marvin Lewis" also spells "Rivals Win 'Em." Nuff said. PLUS 1

Now everyone is going to use this for their Fantasy Team Name. MINUS 5


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