Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Jason Taylor Paso Dobles to MNF Theme

Last night was a good night on DWTS. All 6 couples performed two dances on their quest for the disco globe trophy.

While Jason and Edyta started the night with a Quick Step (one of my favorite dances), it was their second dance, the Paso Doble, that proved to have the most comedic value. His outfit, for one, was a bit figure-skaterish for my tastes. Her outfit, was just goofy. They should have ditched the long skirt thing and just let her dance in the cheerleader outfit (yes, I have a girl crush). The judges applauded their Quick Step (they got a 29), and thought the Paso was entertaining and different.

Other noteworthy observations from last nights show:

Shannon Elizabeth is just too tall for ballroom dancing. The judges are right that she looks awkward and lanky. Hopefully she'll be going home tonight. I've just had enough.

Cristian de la Fuente might be going home tonight. His pulled muscle during dance #2 last night probably jeopardized his score enough that if the votes don't come in, he might go home.

Kristi was knocked from the top position last night by Jason and Edyta, but she'll definitely be in the finals.

Marissa Jaret-Winokur is just adorable and is improving every week. I'd like to see her stay for entertainment sake.

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