Thursday, April 17, 2008

Ladies and Germs...Your 2020 Carolina Panthers Cheerleaders

U.L.G.Y. You Ain't Got No Alibi!

In a week when a male Kansas Jayhawk spirit squader thanked SI in its Letters section for "clarifying" for us that cheerleaders are in fact "athletes," we get the latest on the MMA- wannabes/ragamuffins in Florida who beat down there "friend" and squad-mate, Victoria Lindsay.

Athletic indeed. Kimbo don't want none of that. Though, we'd love to see the gang of eight have at it with the pep-filled Jayhawk.

Until now, the Lindsay's identity had been concealed, but hard-hitting newsbusters Inside Edition and People Magazine break the cone of secrecy. Unlike Inside Edition and People, we will refrain from linking the video - since we still consider ourselves somewhat decent human beings (besides, we are sure you've already seen it).

And, mind you, this lass is 16, so here's as much info as we will share, lest we have Carl Monday on our asses...

For news video and slide show from Orlando's Local 6, click the image below.


Xpinionated said...

You know this was funny but it's spelled U G L Y unless I'm missing a joke :)

Sean said...

Actual hot cheerleaders. Stretching.
'Nuff said.