Thursday, April 17, 2008

Miss It. Noonan.

Photo: Ellis Lucia

The Best of New Orleans Blog brought to our attention bat-shit crazy (we mean that in a good way) Hornets' super-fan Elisa Cossey. The Oklahoma native became a rabid Hornets fan during their two-year layover in OKC. So much so that when given the opportunity to heckle opposing players - in 'Nawlins - she decided it was worth the 1400 mile round-trip trek to NOLA.

And she really believes her ear-piercing cat call affects play at the charity stripe:

"Every now and again, I'll really throw the shooter off. I got Steve Nash at one game, shook him up real good! I figure it's my small way of helping the team."

Hornets Superfan: Elisa Cossey

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