Thursday, April 3, 2008

Ocho Cinco hates him some Chris Henry

Bengals cut Henry, say they'll no longer tolerate his conduct

The Bengals could only take so much of Henry and his shenanigans. Getting cut from the Bengals for bad conduct is like being booted out of the parish for being the priest that touched the MOST kids.

To make this even more ironic for the staff of HHR, Ren is away and sent a link to me yesterday about Henry being trouble in Kentucky last week for driving with expired license plates. I read the article and thought to myself 'how could a guy about an inch away from getting banned from the league let something so foolish happen, especially with the bullseye on his head the size of Drew Brees' birthmole.'

Then today....WHAMMY! Punching 18-year-olds and throwing beer bottles like it's his first off campus party.

This is also means Ocho Cinco ain't going No-O Where-O. The Bengals lose two top WR in a season? Isn't going to happen.

Unless Cinco starts punching people. Other than Marvin Lewis.

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