Thursday, April 3, 2008

Rusty Reckons: Texas

The boys return to an intermediate cookie cutter track this weekend, the Texas Motor Speedway. This track holds a special place in old Rusty's heart, though, because it's where June-bug got his first win. It's also considered one of the faster tracks on the circuit, similar to Atlanta. The pole record is over 196 mph.

I'm a little afraid that this weekend might be a bit of a slow weekend, though. With the Final Four and NCAA Championship book ending NASCAR, it's almost hard to get fired up for a cookie-cutter track. But I think my boy's just on the cusp of breaking the winless streak, so that could turn things around quickly.

This week for fantasy, I'm trying to bring in some new guys, but I still think it's a powerful lineup. Kenseth's great at Texas, and Truex has found his way around the 1.5 milers. Kvapil is on a hot streak, so since a C list driver is always a gamble, this one seemed as good as others.

A List - Matt Kenseth (17) B List - Martin Truex Jr (1) C List - Travis Kvapil (28)

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