Friday, April 4, 2008

A Sporting Wood Memorial

The Wood Memorial has more questions than a 6th grade boy in a sex ed class.

Three of the ten horses entered have incomplete past performance cards because they last ran in the Gotham Stakes which was run in a deep fog. Four additional horses have struggled in their 3-year old seasons, one is named after a coach that can't win in the bigs and another is a jack rabbit getting ready to hump the rail.

The race may come down to who likes it sloppy. Nick Zito has been telling everyone that the misfire War Pass had last romp was an abberation. War Pass has also shown he doesn't mind it messy with his big win at the Breeders' Cup.

If War Pass is bet low, I would suggest searching for some money. Court Vision could benefit with the rabbit Inner Light designed to wear out the rest of the field and the slop. If Texas Wildcatter can run that fast in the fog, think of what he could do if he could see.

Good Luck.

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