Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Tonight: Will Leich to Live Out Blogger's Wet Dream

From News Day's Neil Best:
Bob Costas owes Delgado the heartiest thanks of all, because the timing was exquisite for the "Costas Now" he will host on HBO at 10 tonight.

The topic is the "volatile" sports media landscape, and the live panelists are to include Michael Strahan, Chris Russo, Buzz Bissinger, Will Leitch, Joe Buck, Mike Tirico, Dan Patrick, Tiki Barber and John McEnroe.

My God! What a field day!

Only one fella missing...

Photo: Deadspin

Click here for HBO's episode guide. Unfortunately, it doesn't appear Mr Leitch will have the pleasure of going head on with the likes of the Doggy, Buck and Tiki.

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