Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Unsexiest Pillow Fight Ever

As a general rule, pillow fights are supposed to be sexy. You've got scantily clad coeds hitting each other until they all become sweaty, aroused, and decide to make out. While I have never seen this scenario in person (stupid sorority house blinds!), I am told this is the general formula. So you know what I must have thought when I heard International Pillow Fight Day was being held in Boston. Exactly. There's bound to be some hot international coeds getting all hot and bothered and making out in public. Perhaps they are randy foreign exchange students? Who knows. Let's take a look and find out!

Only Boston could take something like a pillow fight and make it the unsexiest thing to ever happen in the history of the city - including Cameron Diaz coming to town. Seriously, that chick is busted.

Update: I failed to mention two things in its favor. Where you can't have sexy, you CAN have Star Wars (they are mutually exclusive you know), so props go to Darth Vadar. And yeah, that song kicks ass (by Ratatat)

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