Friday, April 18, 2008

"We know how Philadelphians are"

Photo: Michael Klein / Inquirer

By that statement did the manager of the city's Capital Grille, whose above 4x6 Flyers banner was swiped off the restaurant's facade mean:

A. Die Hard Fans
B. Petty Thieves
C. Drunken Jagoffs
D. Mulleted Neanderthals
E. All of the Above

By her tone, I believe she implied "E."
"We know how Philadelphians are," Griffin said, explaining that it was secured with heavy cording. Given the effort required to remove the banner and the use of a luxury car in the getaway, she believed that the thief "was not just some Joe off the streets."
"Secured with heavy cording." To protect it from people like you - Die-Hard-Well-To-Do-Petty-Criminal-Flyers-Fans.

We know how you are. We know.

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Gonzo said...

Well, she's right.