Monday, May 12, 2008

1 Dog, 2 Beers, Hold the Rats

Conde Nast Portfolio asks, "Do richer Major League Baseball teams play in cleaner stadiums?"

We surveyed health-code violations at 11 stadiums to find out. It turns out that two of baseball’s richest teams, the New York Yankees and the New York Mets, and a team near the bottom of the revenue pile, the Kansas City Royals, play in stadiums with some of the best inspection records. But the big middle contains several ballparks where you might want to skip the hot dogs. Two West Coast teams, the Los Angeles Angels and the Oakland A’s, had far more food fouls than any other team. While most were minor, some were, well, disgusting. Teams contract out food service to a handful of vendors, though team management is responsible for stadium cleanliness. The A’s declined to comment; a spokesperson for the Angels conceded that 2007 was an off year but that the team had worked with its vendor and an outside consultant and “made a lot of changes” for 2008.
Click here for their interactive feature.

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