Friday, May 23, 2008

Are You F*ckig Kidding Her?

Yesterday some readers tipped us off on some fantastic tennis sites that we wanted to share.

The first is dedicated to players going off on the man in the lifeguard chair, ""

We give you the great Maria Sharapova in all her grunting and cursing glory...

The second echoes what we talked about yesterday with tennis embracing online technology. Recently, HHR signed up for Twitter, after hearing raves about it from friends of ours that are users. While we ourselves are still getting used to its usage, tennis fans have taken it to a new and likely unprecedented level with which is "aggregating all the conversations by Twitter-ers talking about Tennis" according to reader Julia Roy.

For those of you unaware of what Twitter is, it is essentially a mini blog, in which users can send and receive mini updates via web-messaging or phone based-texting services.

This week's The Sporting News pointed out that Jazz PG Deron Williams has his own Twitter feed, in which he can give fans bite-sized updates rather than sit and compile full-length blog posts.

In addition to HHR, some other sports blogs such as Sportaphile, NESW , Signal to Noise, The Jets Blog and The 700 Level have their own feeds to keep on-the-go readers up to date.

Again, it's refreshing to see Tennis out in front on mobilizing and allowing interaction among fans. Hopefully more sports, and athletes for that matter, will follow.

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