Thursday, May 1, 2008

Bissinger and his fact checking

We aren't going to get into the whole Bissinger rant because we are a day late. That's what we get for going to see the President. (FYI- you haven't lived until you've seen Jared Lorenzen up close).

Anyway, lost in the shuffle was this little piece done by a colleague of Illuminati's over at phillyburbs, Mike Sielski.

"For example, during an interview on WIP in 2005, Bissinger suggested Jim Thome was a steroid-user, because Thome was injured and his production was way down. The next day, I criticized Bissinger in a column for making the accusation without offering any evidence."

So, let's figure this out. Printing pictures of Matt Leinert doing a beer bong (even though the pictures are indeed real) is bad journalism. Accusing a potential HOFer of using steroids because he is a having a bad April is acceptable. You can accuse anyone of anything as long as you don't make jokes about their man breasts or say the F word. You must also stay out of the personal lives of athletes.

Let he who has not made himself famous with a book about the lives and family issues of 15-18 year old kids cast the first stone.

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Ren McCormack said...

and pissed off an entire Texas community in the process of portraying it as what they believed in an unfair light as nothing but racist football fanatics. Whether or not this is true, I have spoken before with a handful of Odessa natives and whenever I bring up the book, they get angry and defensive.