Monday, May 12, 2008

The Flavor of T.O.

Hey did you hear T.O. is going to be on Flavor Flav's sitcom? Hey, did you know Flavor Flav had a sitcom? Hey, did you know there was a channel called MyNetworkTV? I knew all these things and frankly I feel worse about myself for it.

Terrell Ownes makes sitcom acting debut. (Insert witty popcorn pun here.)

Odd headline considering T.O. did some brillant acting over a joke of a loss to the Giants in the playoffs. This pretending stuff is old hat to him.

T.O. will make his sitcom acting debut on the MyNetworkTV show "Under One Roof" as the long-lost brother of the show's star, Flavor Flav. Owens tries convincing Flav and sitcom sibling Kelly Perine that they're all brothers in hopes of getting them to invest in his Web site.

Who would be a more embarassing son? Flavor Flav or Terrell Owens. I say Flav. T.O. is at least an accomplished athlete while Flav was the hype man for a group that didn't need him to get attention, he wears large clocks around his neck, and looks like love child of Willie McGee and Mr. Hanky.

T.O. comments..."I see dollar signs," Owens said in an interview with The Associated Press. "I'm trying to kind of smooth my way into the family, but Flav is not buying it. It's a lot of funny dialogue. It was a good time."

That's the same thing Owens says after every new contract with a new NFL team. Just replace Flav's name with Garcia, McNabb, or Romo.

T.O. signed on to come back later in the season for a 'Very Special' Under One Roof episode where he fakes a suicide attempt. Sorry to ruin it for all three fans of the show.

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