Wednesday, May 21, 2008

HHR Hugs it Out [5.21.08]

  • What's the going rate for hugs?

According to Get Fuzzy it's $4.75. Unless you are a global media company. Then it will cost you roughly $5 million. (Thanks to our friend Bosis for the comic)

  • Jim Leyland unleashes F-Bomb tirade (World of Isaac)
  • Remember, Mike Piazza was not gay (Phils-ville)
  • Carl Crawford is not intimidated by Derek Jeter's machismo (Rays Index)
  • The Brewers are throwing Darts for Starts (My Sports Rumors)
  • Welcome our new friend Lisa Rizzo
  • Joba continues to disgrace the game (The Sports Hernia)

  • Today at GMT

  • Pretty Boys
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