Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Japanese win in the battle of ballpark grub

Leave it to the fat guy to write a blog about ballpark food.

Gourmet Lunches at Baseball Stadiums in Japan

No wonder the Japanese fans are always so quiet. They are too busy eating good food. Meanwhile Americans are stuck with hot dogs that double as dog treats and beer that gets more water then the infield grass. They even take the time to add a garnish. I have to drop it on the ground to get anything extra.

I wouldn't be so bitter if I didn't have to sell a lung to afford to eat at a game. Who am I kidding, I am always bitter.

At least American players fight better.

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Dan said...

Two things:

[1] Japanese fans are quiet? You've obviously never been to, or seen a clip of, a Japanese pro baseball game. The fans are constantly chanting, singing and banging plastic bats together. Even the visiting team has a core of fans in the outfield somewhere. It's a lot of fun and by the seventh inning, you're exhausted just from all the cheering. When I took my (Japanese) wife to Yankee Stadium for the first time, she wondered why it so was quiet.

[2] The clip you posted is Korean, not Japanese.