Wednesday, May 7, 2008


Having been a D-1 competitor myself, I wish no harm to any college athlete under any circumstance. However, I do wish those who are stupid enough not to respect their talents...and their bodies...a sizeable amount of embarassment on their way to corporate sponsorships and big-day payouts. North Carolina's Player of the Year, Tyler Hansbrough, was recently caught jumping off the second story of a house (during a massive school party, naturally) into a pool below.

SO STUPID!!! In this case, I wouldn't mind an ankle sprain that carried into next season...North Carolina's loss to Kansas ruined my March Madness bracket this year!

(Ed Note: We realize this is old news, but Woody is generally always late to the game, so we will humor him.)

(Woody Responds: Some of us have lives offline...and this is my off-season for sports.)

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