Sunday, May 25, 2008

Nick Madaras' Balls (Literally and Figuratively)

ESPN ran a piece coinciding with Memorial Day Weekend on the passing of soldier/hero PFC Nick Madaras and his subsequent legacy. (For his full story, click here).

We often take for granted the lives and deaths of our servicemen & women. We use them as (forgive the expression) political soccer balls. Kicking back and forth to suit our political views on such issues as foreign policy and war - on both sides of the arguments

More so, many fail to recognize the impact US soldiers have in the far-off lands they are fighting.

Well done on the part of ESPN for telling PFC Madaras' story and for promoting the "Kick for Nick" campaign.

I can't do the story any justice, so I encourage you to check it out for yourself and to make a donation to the cause:

Please support the program by clicking here.

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Trooper said...

I loved this story when they showed this piece. Really touching.