Wednesday, May 28, 2008

"Nitwit" Bloggers

Former Boston Globe columnist Mike Barnacle thinks that you bloggers are nothing but "nitwits at home with computers" who think you're "part of the news media." Washington Post editorial writer Jonathan Capehart later agreed with his assessment.

Well, in a sense I'm glad to see that it's not just the sports reporting oldheads that feel that way.

UPDATE: the chief points out that Barnacle knows a thing or two about "sloppy" and "lazy" journalism, having been fired by The Boston Globe for plagiarism almost 10 years ago:
Just a week after fending off demands that he resign amid charges of plagiarism, Boston Globe columnist Mike Barnicle quit Wednesday as questions were being raised about two more of his columns...

The contrite columnist admitted at a news conference that he had been "sloppy" and "lazy" in writing the column with the Carlin jokes but maintained that he was not guilty of plagiarism. He said he hadn't read the Carlin book, although he had recommended it to viewers during an appearance on a Boston TV station.
the chief notes, that "You're not a member of the news media until you've been busted for plagiarizing, like some sort of secret handshake." (He wouldn't know, because he's in the basement on his little computers).

Barnacle vs. Libeling


DMtShooter said...

Shorter: Stop thinking and writing for yourselves, America. Your media has it all figured out.

(Um, if a candidate says dumb things while exhausted, maybe they should get more rest. And maybe the fact that they aren't is showing a wee lack of judgment that, you know, a voter might care about. Whether or not Big Daddy Media thinks we should worry our poor widdle heads about. Jesus, how stupid do you have to be to talk on cable news?)

Carolyn said...

Thank you for posting this, HHR. I will cease and desist immediately.

Hugging Harold Reynolds said...

If only we weren't all so stupid.

the chief said...

Mike Barnicle - I learned it from watching you. Ass.