Monday, May 12, 2008

There's a Shuttlecock Joke Here Somewhere

I'm always a fan of sports trick videos. Whether it's Tiger bouncing a golf ball or an 'escort' doing layups (zing!), it serves the dual purpose of humanizing the athlete and the sport. This is good because in general we could use a dose of humor outside of the sports sections and blogs where each move and player are put under a microscope as if the contest is actually important or serves any purpose other than to entertain. Usually. Trick shots in badminton (badmiNton? There's an N in there? Since when?) do not fall under this category. The only real trick I see is that the dude in the headband is not beaten within an inch of his life for said offending headband and dance moves.

Then there's this dude who goes beyond trick shots and just plays around with the racquet. You can dress it up with heavy metal all you want, pretending that's not a baton, but it doesn't mean you don't secretly want the captain of your high school color guard to take notice and offer you that spot you've been secretly coveting from afar.

After watching this one is forced to conclude that there are no trick shots to badminton except for doing it without looking like you are afraid to play volleyball because of your thin, frail forearms.

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