Thursday, May 8, 2008

TSG: Joe Montana In Love Letter Lawsuit

Photo: The Smoking Gun

Joe Montana is suing his ex-wife and Heritage Auction of Texas "over the sale of love letters and memorabilia from the Hall of Fame quarterback's college days at the University of Notre Dame," claiming the sale "violated his copyright and privacy rights." Among the items up for bid are:
  • Montana's freshman I.D. card
  • The Moses-Montana 1974 marriage certificate
  • A letter to Moses penned on a Ziggy card
  • An "I Love You" note
  • A letter Montana wrote to Moses's parents describing his first year on the Notre Dame football squad.
Who doesn't love Ziggy.

Hopefully this ex-wife never snapped a photo of him, otherwise she's in for a world of hurt.

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The Sports Hernia said...

If someone installed a light behind this picture, I'm pretty sure Jerry Rice would use it as a nightlight.