Friday, June 13, 2008

Great Comebacks: Remembering the One Night Frank Reich Crushed Some Serious Ass

After watching one of the most amazing comebacks in my era last night as the Celtics defeated the Lakers, I began to think about other amazing comebacks I have witnessed.

Outside of the time that my summer league basketball team, "The Golden Showers," roared back from a sub .500 record in the regular season to claim the league crown, I had only one immediate thought.

It was the classic AFC Wild Card game in 1992 featuring the Buffalo Bills and the Houston Oilers when the Bills, backed by their cheerleaders (unofficially the Bill-dos), stunned the Oilers 38-35 in OT after falling behind 35-3.

While that wasn't the Super Bowl, and what the Celtics did was in the NBA Finals, I think the Bills can trump them in one area...Frank Reich. The Celtics did the job, yes, with some help from bench players, but Ray Allen and Pierce carried the load.

In the Bills' amazing comeback it was all up to Reich. Jim Kelly was injured (or something) and they called up FR to guide the proverbial ship. I add this photo because it is worth remembering that for a short time in upstate New York men wanted to be Frank Reich and women wanted to be with Frank Reich. The real number to calculate isn't the deficit the Bills erased, but how much ass did Reich crush that night in Buffalo?

-Posted by Cadillac Mescallade

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