Tuesday, June 17, 2008

HHR Prophecy: More on the Mets/Goodfellas Parallel


In this space yesterday, I suggested a different alternative to the Mets managerial woes, Henry Hill from the movie Goodfellas.

While at the time the words were written in jest, who knew in the middle of the night the New York Metropolitans would make my idea seem rational?

It is a sad day to be a Mets fan after the way they have handled the firing of manager Willie Randolph, pitching coach Rick Peterson, and throw-in Tom Neito (still not sure what this guy did wrong). This is a move we expect out of the Yankees organization, not the Mets.

This move also wreaks of the same stench as when the Colts were moved out of Baltimore in the middle of the night. First, to bring a manger on a cross-country trip when you know you are going to fire him is low, then to wait until after the game and in the middle of the night to whack him when he gets back to his hotel is just uncalled for.

You thought the parallels to Goodfellas might have ended yesterday, but they haven't. "Willie is gone and there wasn't nothing we could do about it." Just like when Tommy enters the empty catering hall thinking he is going to be made only to take it to the back of the head, the Mets let Willie fly to Anaheim thinking he was the manager only take him out along with a few of his consiglieres.

I guess the Mets late-season collapse last year proved to be Willie's "Billy Bats" incident and the Wilpons never forgave him for that. Well, at least Willie went out a winner. It was fun to watch the Mets last night. I finally got to see a game on TV here in Southern California. It's just a bummer it was Willie's last. They better find the right person to take this team into Citi Field, whether it be Jerry Manuel, Wally Backman, or whoever. Let's Go Mets!

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