Friday, June 6, 2008

Hot Girl-on-Girl Protest at Safeco

Here's a cause we could really get behind (unless, of course, it includes male-on-male affection, which is gross to 1/7 of our male writing staff), in the wake of the Tila Tequilla-chasing Sirbrina Guerrero's "Discrimination"-induced temper tantrum at "generally gay-friendly Seattle['s]" Safeco Field back in May.

From The Seattle Times:
After the story broke, the Mariners were blasted by the sex-advice columnist Dan Savage, who wrote about the incident on the blog of the Stranger, an alternative weekly paper.

Savage called for a "kiss-in" to protest against the Mariners.
When we asked about his thoughts about such a protest, M's manager John McLaren insisted participants "buckle it up."

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