Monday, June 16, 2008

I Got the Giggles - HHR Top Ten...

While I brushed my teeth this morning, I overheard Sage Steel giving an ESPN update during Mike and Mike, and all I caught of her NBA finals recap was that the Lakes exhibited "effective ball movement." I laughed uncontrollably for about 5 minutes (and of course dribbled toothpaste down my shirt - bastards).

This got me thinking... there has been many a time when Ren and myself are watching various sporting events and the commentators say something that gives us the giggles (and reminds us of seventh grade when you learned about the human reproductive system in science class). Hence, inspiration for the latest HHR top ten list, and perhaps the one with the longest title EVER.

I'd like to present:

HHR's Top Ten Sports Phrases that Cause Uncontrollable Giggles (mostly because they are sexual inuendos)

10. "flashing some leather" (baseball)

9. "finding the hot receiver" (football)

8. "he touches them all!" (baseball)

7. "lined up in the slot" (football)

6. "hitting the hole hard" (football)

5. "handy stickwork" (hockey)

4. "effective ball movement" (basketball)

3. "getting good wood on it" (baseball)

2. anything involving "Pujols" (baseball)

1. "penetrating the zone" (basketball)

Cheers to filthy minds and adolescent memories.... Hope this brightens your day :)

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Drew H. said...

My old basketball coach accidentally said "Ryan beat Josh off," forgetting to add "the dribble." Even more surprising was that none of us caught his slip up until he pointed it out.