Monday, June 16, 2008

Incredible, Hulk

Our buddy Eric from phillyBurbs' Camel Clutch tipped us off to Hollywood Hulk Hogan's heart-tugging, tear-inducing appearance on Larry King Live noting:
I watched Hogan on Larry King and he is truly a pathetic human being. To know the real Hulk Hogan is to know Hogan the wrestling politician. There isn’t a throat he would have stepped on to get to the top. This man would not know sincerity if it slapped him in the face. To Hogan, everything is a work. Amazing how Hogan saved those tears until the end of the show wasn’t it?

It would not surprise me at all if Hogan knew well in advance of the chances that those recordings would be public record. Hogan is an evil, calculated, self-promoter and what better way for Hogan to get in the news. It wouldn’t be the first time that this “over-protective father” got some publicity at the expense of his family.
Last night Headline News' Showbiz Tonight had a panel of pundits breaking down the Hulkster's LKL appearance where all three agreed that his crying was a great, great act.

The segment got me thinking of where this ranks among Hogan's best acting moments (in no particular order).

5. Right Guard Commercial, 1992

4. No Holds Barred, 1989

3. Various Promos, 1980s - 2000s

2. Hitachi Commercial, Date Unknown

1. Native American Historian

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