Monday, June 23, 2008

Iron Ref, Round 2 - Fired Up

Welcome back to Kitsch-en Stadium.

The second round of HHR's Iron Ref begins today. Each week a theme is picked - and a selection of writers from sports blogtopia submits a short post with an example of a play, player, team, coach, announcer, season, or some sports-related moment that most appropriately/creatively conveys that week's theme (the secret ingredient).

It can be funny, heartfelt, serious, or crude - whatever the contestants decide. The three posts will be displayed together with any video or pictorial evidence they care to include (embeddable video is encouraged).

As always, the winner will NOT be decided by some highbrow sports elite, but rather by YOU - the uninformed masses - in the comments.

This Week's Theme/Contest/Secret Ingredient


This week's contestants:

Rob Iracane is the pedantic co-writer of the witty baseball blog Walkoff Walk with the inimitable web personality Camp Tiger Claw. When not leading the Wednesday Afternoon Liveglog Club, Rob approves and rejects pending commenters as the deadtern at Deadspin, and contributes a biweekly column on commenting in his role as the combudsman. His jobs are so unique, words had to be invented to describe them. Rob's favorite athlete is Derek Jeter and his favorite pastime is the New York Times crossword puzzle.

Coley Ward is a co-founder of and contributes to MLB Trade Rumors. His first job out of college involved chauffeuring the executive producer of ESPN's Cold Pizza from his home in Westport, Conn., to the show's Manhattan studio at 3 a.m. He now lives in Tucson, Ariz., where he roots for the Phillies from afar, brews his own beer, and never, ever wakes up before 7:30 a.m.

BoH Chris is the editor of Blog of Hilarity and the recently launched meme-site YouGotBlurred. Chris is one of the preeminent bloggers who covers not only entertainment and sports, but also regularly ridicules people less fortunate than himself. His hurtful words and diverse, yet somehow wholly worthless, content has gotten him featured in many exciting places, such as Hugging Harold Reynolds and (TBD). He is also extremely well-endowed and currently doing laundry.

If you feel that you deserve a shot at an Iron Ref (we'll have a Hall of Fame soon enough) and other luminaries of sports blogging, Email HHR to participate.

This ongoing event was inspired by and received blessing from the great and awesome
Iron Clef, which you should check out, you band dork.

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Sam said...

Coley Ward. It was an easy vote; he is an absolute stud and writes with authority. It is unfortunate that the competition could not even enter into his ballpark. By the way, I could really use a ride into work...