Wednesday, June 18, 2008

KG Goes Apeship LIVE!

Kevin Garnett loses his mind on live television.

If anyone watched the post game festitivies of last night's Boston Celtics romp over the LA Lakers to claim the NBA Championship you know where this is going.

Almost as entertaining as watching the Celtics light up the Lake-Show was Michelle Tafoya's interview with an out-of-control Kevin Garnett. I had read the stories throughout the playoffs that Garnett didn't sleep for something like four nights at one point and is so hyped for games he can barely control himself.

This apparently bubbled over during the final moments of the game and postgame. After Garnett got done unloading profanities during the final minutes of the game, (this caused announcer Mike Breen's mic to get cut off several times), he was interviewed by Tafoya.

Not only did KG go semi-Namath on us and tell Tafoya how good she looked, but he shouted out on (by my unofficial count):
  • three Chicago suburbs;
  • his mother (2x);
  • father;
  • someone known as "Peanut;"
  • and Minnesota (the team that traded him to Boston).
Ahh his beloved 'Sota....amazing.

This only got most interesting during the post game press conference when Garnett went off on a tangent about knocking out a bully that is waiting for you outside your house everyday. Bottom line, the bully has been knocked out and the Celtics are NBA Champions.

It is also worth mentioning that the Celtics conducted possibly the first ever indoor Gatorade bath when Paul Pierce covered Doc Rivers in the red stuff, and leave it to the Celtics to line their bench with their entire families with roughly 3 minutes to go in an NBA Finals Game.

The NBA is FAN-tastic...I really mean that.

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Bassett said...

"what does top of the world feel like?"

hmmm ... nice try to extend the interview to jim grey creepiness tafoya ...