Monday, June 16, 2008

Mets Madness

It's getting to be a little ridiculous to be a Mets fan today with the constant rumors about Willie Randolph and whether or not he gets fired.

Somehow plots are being leaked to the newspapers about a potential plan to replace half the coaching staff. In another paper you will read about how Willie is safe for now but perhaps pitching coach Rick Peterson should go. (Peterson should go because I hold him responsible for Scott Kazmir being traded and that is a debt he can never repay).

Now it is starting to affect or effect (I never get that right) the players. Every post-game story has a quote about how this isn't good for team chemistry. They are right, it's not. So if you are going to make a change let's do it already.

Personally, I'm fine with Willie, it's not his fault Billy Wagner couldn't come on in the sixth right now and shut down the Curacao little league team in Williamsport. That said, if the Mets are looking change I say go short term solution until the off-season and then cast a wide net for the best candidate. Who could turn things around with such a short window of time?

Hendry Hill with potential new bench coach Tommy

Easy. This man (pictured above)...Henry Hill. Talk about a go-getter. If Goodfellas taught us anything it's that Henry (or Hendry as Joe Pesci likes to say) can get things done and done in a hurry. The remainder of the baseball season is the perfect window for Hill...just long enough to make an impact, but not long enough to see his coke habit destroy the locker room. By the time he becomes a full degenerate like he did in the end of the Goodfellas, winter ball will already have started in Venezuela. Though I do fear a late September situation in a hotel bathroom where Omar Minaya is flushing the contract of Duaner Sanchez down the toilet as Hill screams..."Damnit Omar we needed that middle reliever, we needed that middle reliever."

But that is just me.

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