Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Rusty Reckons: New Hampshire

Whew! Glad Infineon's over. While it was one of the better road course races in awhile, the shrub still won, and overall it was still a yawn fest. I mean, the stupid California fans cheered the shrub. They cheered him. Don't these latte sipping pinko-commies know that real NASCAR fans do NOT like him. He's the bada** of the sport. He's meant to be booed. I hope the fans at New Hampshire are a little smarter, but the fact that they are all probably Celtic and/or Sox fans already gives me doubts.

So, the boys are heading to New Hampshire this week, one of the flattest tracks on the circuit. New Hampshire also holds the distinction of being the only course other than Daytona and Talladega to use restrictor plates for a Cup event. Years ago, some nincompoop at NASCAR thought it was necessary. It didn't last long because it produced some of the most boring racing known to man (yes, worse than Infineon).

The flatness of New Hampshire requires a driver to be good at getting into and through the corners. Drivers will need good brakes and the ability to let the car roll through the corner and get up off the corner in order to compete. Several drivers have shown an ability to run good at New Hampshire, and I think ole Rusty's going to go with his gut and pick those fellars this week.

For the A list, Tony Stewart isn't a bad pick. He's always been good on the tracks where good braking skills are necessary. He's also due for a breakout as was noted last week. The HMS boys of Jimmie and Jeff aren't bad picks, either, but ole Rusty's going with his gut. It's Smoke time!!!!

Rusty's feeling a bit risky on the B list pick. Martin Truex's been having a mediocre year, but he's proven an ability to get around New Hampshire. He, like Smoke, has gotta be due, yeah?

C list? Ahhhhhh . . . let's just roll the dice.

Y'all come back now, hear?

A List
- T Stewart (20)
B List
- M. Truex Jr. (01)
C List
- T Kvapil (28)

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