Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Show or Blow: UW-Madison to Badger Student Boozers

The school, in an effort to irritate disruptive drunks, will deploy "continue a pilot program intended to curb students’ excessive drinking at Badger football games during the upcoming 2008-’09 football season," according to The Daily Cardinal.

“Show and Blow,” which launched in fall 2007, requires students with a previous ejection or citation at a home football game to blow into a portable Breathalyzer test before a game to prove their sobriety.

Cox said previously cited or ejected underage students need to blow a .00 for admittance, while those over 21 need to blow below the legal limit of .08.

You know the routine. Show or Blow, Ladies.
Show or Blow.

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LeakBrewerGator said...

YES! I thought "show and blow" was only a motto known to SEC sororities.

Isn't curbing excessive student drinking at UW-Madison kinda like curbing felonious activities at Florida St.?