Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Steinbrenner blasts God for creating ankles

Just shut up already.

As a Yankee fan, sports fan, and decider of all things asinine, I'd like to congratulate Hankie on already eclipsing his father in his 1970-80's glory years and even the fake Seinfeld Stein to take the title as the biggest jackass named Steinbrenner.

I can understand his emotion. Chien Ming Wang's injury is going to kill the Yankees for this season, pending blockbuster trade or not. This is seriously going to ruin their chances of finishing third in the American League East.

But let's not go crazy.

American League pitchers are still PROFESSIONAL ATHLETES who should be more than capable of jogging 60, 90 or however many feet is necessary every couple months during interleague play, should they somehow get a hit.

How do you think pitchers pitchers keep up their stamina and stay in shape on off days? Yes, the Wii Fit.

No, running you jackass.

If Stein is going to complain about anything, it shouldn't be the fact that pitchers have to hit, it should be that the leagues have different rules to begin with. Either DH or no DH but pick one, and both leagues have to comply. It's like making a touchdown worth 6 in AFC and 5 in the NFC. You can't have different rules for teams in the same sport.

If anyone needs a jog around the bases, it's these fat bastards. (I do have room to talk, I recently switched to diet ribs.)

Come to think of it...

Looking pretty portly Hank...pretty...pretty portly.

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