Thursday, June 19, 2008

TJ Simers' Art of Zen

As the fallout in Los Angeles continues following the Celtics demolition of the Lakeshow in Game 6, LA Times columnist TJ Simers, never one to pull a punch, completely dropped the hammer on the Lakers.

I have seen some columnists in some papers take teams to task, but this guy better be wearing a flak jacket next time he enters the Staples Center. Short of calling the Lakers a bunch of girls...oh wait, he did write "Two teams go for the title, and one of them has to lose, but that doesn't mean getting pulverized and exposed as big softies -- the Lakers laying down like whipped dogs."

Pretty rough stuff for a person that covers the team on a regular basis. Usually it's Mike and the Mad Dog that can lob those grenades from afar without ever actually setting foot in a locker room. Think this column was interesting? Check out the exchange he had with the master sensai Phil Jackson himself:
"Do you have a working title for your new book, and do you think by the time you are done with that book you will be able to explain Odom's inconsistency?" I asked Coach Phil Jackson before the game.

"The answer to both questions is no," Jackson said.
and secondly

...still wasn't convinced, though, so I thought it was time to also get something out of Phil Jackson, who is supposed to be the best ever at this time of the season.

"I believe you're getting paid $10 million for moments like this," I said at his pre-game news conference.

"How would you even know that stuff?" he replied. "You're not the IRS."

"Is it more than that?"

"Do I ask information about you?" Jackson said.

"I don't make $10 million, but should."

"Should not," Jackson countered, and I know he's a friend of Sam Zell, the Times' new owner, so that's not what I wanted to hear.

"Let's not get in an argument," I said. "Isn't this supposed to be your time to make adjustments and show us some magic?"

"You're right," Jackson said.

"Does it start tonight? And if it doesn't, can we come after you?"

"You can ask for a rebate," Jackson said, which tells me there's every chance in the world the way the NBA is going these days he had already gotten the memo indicating who was going to win Game 3.
Say what you want, but I hope they give this guy two chairs at press row, one for him, and one for the balls it must take to look the Lakers in the face again come training camp in Hawaii.

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