Monday, June 9, 2008

Who Won't Be Deadspin's New Editor

Buzz around the blogs this past week has focused on who will follow Will Leitch as Deadspin's new editor.

Fanhouse's Michael David Smith
broke it down pretty well today, putting odds on some of the favored candidates.

Frankly, no one is more deserving of the post than HHR's the chief. Ignoring, of course, his lack of commitment and inconsistency.

Let's a take a look at some other folks around the Interwebs who, while deserving, will never get a look.

Doug Sheckler, Epic Carnival, on205th Magazine

Epic Carnival's ring leader and on205th's purveyor of porn, Sheckler's street cred among the sports blogosphere's lower tiers is second-to-none.

Jarrett Carter, Numerous Blogs

Carter's contributions to sports blogging is not solely limited to his own domains, as his ability and willingness to comment on others' allowed him to spread his seed across the webs.

Harvey Bars, Tirico Suave

Anyone of TS's boys could and should be on this list, but we will go with the Jersey native. Their photoshop ability rivals only mine, and video production is top notch - not to mention their writing ability.

Sean Leahy, Going Five Hole, Pop Jocks, Yahoo!

If only people cared about hockey.

Anon, The Sports Hernia

Hands down my favorite place on the 'Net. Very underrated. Comedic Genius.

Chris, Blog of Hilarity

Far too preoccupied on the comings and goings of his gay roommate.

Dave Mountain, Five Tool Tool

The world needs more top 12 lists.

The Postmen, WeAreThePostmen

Actually surprised Smith didn't give them any love.

Dewey, Yardbarker

The site itslef attracts all types of athletes, ranters and blindly loyal Eagles fans. The YBN has some of the best blogs out there.

Amir Blumenthal, TonyHomo, Dice Gay, Sports, and Jake and Amir

Creator of good solid original content. He's one of the bigger names you've never heard of. But with the rise of Jake and Amir, that will change. Check the March Madness video. The main thing going against him is that whole Lakers-fan problem he has, in that, he is one.


DMtShooter said...

Curses! My secret identity has been revealed! So much for my job with the Washington Post...

DCScrap said...

Which one is Will?

The Sports Hernia said...

Sooo you're telling me there's a chance ...