Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Alycia Lane's co-anchor officially charged

This was immenient and now it's official.

Feds: Philly ex-anchor hacked colleague's e-mail

Federal prosecutors say former KYW-TV anchor Larry Mendte gained access to
Alycia Lane's accounts from home and at work — about 537 times between January and May alone — and shared some of the information he found with a reporter. Lane's attorney said the motive was jealousy, but authorities were silent on Mendte's motive and his method.

What does this have to do with sport? Paaaa-lenty

Lane's attorney Paul Rosen said he believes Mendte also was behind other leaks that got his client into the gossip pages, including one last year in which she e-mailed photos of herself in a bikini to NFL Network anchor Rich Eisen. Eisen's wife intercepted the pictures.
Chances are Mendte will plead guilty and get a minor slap on the wrist because of his past philantropic efforts. He will end up in an anchor desk somewhere by years end.

Punching the fake tan off former major leaguers, slapping cops, hijacking emails...you can't argue Philly has some interesting news personalities. Something has to keep people tuning in every day and the constant shootings are getting old.

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