Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Caracter Counts

Apparently, Derrick Caracter may be walking through that door.

After months of publicly insisting that he had kicked Derrick Caracter off the University of Louisville men's basketball team for good, coach Rick Pitino has apparently come to the realization that 6-9 power forwards who can score in bunches and rebound in traffic are generally good for the overall health of your basketball program.

Granted, Caracter is not without fault - to hear Pitino say it, he's apparently the laziest person on earth. He misses curfew, loafs in practices, not a team first guy ... you get the idea.

However, and unless things have been completely kept under the tightest lock-and-key possible, Caracter's transgressions pale in comparison to those of other notable Louisville athletes in the past year.

And by pale in comparison, I mean robbing a convenience store with an Uzi. Subtle, I know.

Under the terms of Pitino's about face, Caracter will sit out this upcoming season. He'll have to pay his own way to school (I have a hard time believing that), will have to work out and stay in shape without the assistance of team trainers and physicians, and get his grades in respectable shape.

Pitino did the same thing years ago during his tenure at Kentucky with Scott Padgett, a talented-yet-unfocused freshman who showed up at UK not ready to buy in to what Pitino was selling. Padgett sat out, got his act together, became a dagger thrower for UK's 1998 championship squad, had a respectable NBA career, and now hosts a local sports radio show that airs on top of Mike and Mike.

If Caracter can get his act together, it's tough to imagine that his upward projection wouldn't rocket past that of Scott Padgett's (the radio gig notwithstanding).

So go to class Derrick and practice your free throws. Obviously coach thinks you'll be needed in 2009-2010.

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