Wednesday, July 9, 2008

HHR is Quite Content Being Staid and Somewhat Informative

...though CR Dunbar wonders if by him taking his shirt off we can up our "Sexy" ranking.

As we approach our big 1 Year Anniversary, we sometimes wonder where we stand in the sprawling world of sports blogs.

A special thanks to Ballhype's Tom Ziller for including us in his Blogdome Atlas. It's refreshing and humbling to know that we can be looked at in the same light as some of our favorite sites.

The Blogdome Atlas is "Inspired by Vanity Fair's recent Blogopticon and my long romance with maps, we decide to stick some of the most well-known sports blogs into a graphical graph graphic."

Take a look at the criteria here.

1 comment:

flatusyahu said...

dudes, you're with joe posnanski!