Friday, July 25, 2008

HHR's Ugly Blogger: Win $100 Gas Card

Are you ugly? Are you a blogger?

Then this contest is for you.

Times are tough. The housing market's shot. People worry about their financial well-being. War dominates the airwaves. Gas prices are through the roof.

Worst of all, we are bloggers - ugly social outcasts confined to our mother's basements posting our thoughts in between World of Warcraft sessions.

Why should only Hot Bloggers be recognized? They're just going to bitch and moan anyway.

We uglies are the lifeblood of the Interwebs.

It's time we show some pride in our grotesqueness.

If you think you are the ugliest blogger out there, we want to know.

Send us an email titled "Ugly Blogger" with your blog name, a photo and a 1 paragraph narrative on why you deserve the crown ("ugly" isn't always physical).

The winner, chosen by an esteemed panel of ten (confidential as of now to prevent tampering), will receive a $100 gas card compliments of HHR in hopes you'll get out of the house and away from the computer screen.

Entries are due August 1.

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