Monday, July 7, 2008

Iron Ref Round 3 - Cheap Shot

Welcome to this week's Iron Ref. We've already had two pretty sweet rounds, so the bar has been raised pretty high.

This week's Secret Ingredient is:

Now let's see who we've got competing to be the next Iron Ref:

Hart Brachen is the author of The Soxaholix online comic strip. Described as "Part Doonesbury, part Bill James, part graduate seminar in literature" by Stefan Fatsis in a Wall Street Journal feature on the strip, "The Soxaholix chronicles the schizoid emotions that govern Boston fans like the tides."

Isaac is the founder and editor of The World of Isaac. This professional picture of him was taken as he pondered his lowly life as a blogger. Actually, he's more than likely thinking about boobies but that's neither here nor there. His contributions to the blogging world include hard hitting stuff like "The Best Butts of Beach Volleyball" and the "Did your Mom Sleep With Wilt Chamberlain Quiz". Both were considered for Pulitzers, but apparently the committee didn't think showing pics of chicks butts constituted real journalism. Go figure...

pumps out Top 10 lists like a cut-rate Ron Jeremy for Epic Carnival, and an uncut Ron Jeremy when he's writing about the NBA, NFL and MLB at Five Tool Tool, The Sports Blog That Loves You Back. His work has appeared on With Malice, FlatusYahu, In The Weeds, Fortress of Pillows, JVS Sports and more. He has been voted less cute than Dan Shanoff, but actually popular bloggers think he's dweamy, because he puts out and doesn't complain when you never, ever call. He lives in New Jersey, works in New York, roots for the A's, Eagles and Sixers, and has T-shirts that are older than you. Punk.


Wow - this is quite a lineup. Wednesday Mornings, we'll show you their creations and let the voting begin. God I'm hungover.


World of Isaac said...

I hate to talk smack here but I'm probably going to win this thing

CBlust said...

Hey Isaac - Did you lose weight?

World of Isaac said...

nope, still fat

Ethanator1088 said...

So Isaac storms in with a cheap shot. He is already in true form for the subject matter!